1)  Please communicate to Jenny about the status of your child/children.  If you have not communicated your child’s status your account will be charged for as normal.  

2)  Parents, children, staff, guests all MUST use hand sanitizer upon checking a child in and out

3)  Non-essential persons are asked not to enter the building.  This means, no siblings, etc.  Please limit drop offs and picks-ups to just one healthy adult.

4)  Please do not enter the building if you have visited states where COVID-19 is high and if you suspect you may have been infected with Covid-19.  Please self quarantine from the Academy premises for 14 days.

5)  If you have been to another country recently, please speak to Jenny or Ebony prior to entering the building.

6)  Every Child will be checked randomly for fevers and they will be sent home immediately if they have any of the following:  fever, cough, shortness of breath.