Mission Statement

At Faith Academy, we will strive for the growth of each individual with the use of developmental milestones for the development of the WHOLE child—Socially, Emotionally, Cognitively, Physically, and Spiritually (heart, mind, body, and soul).


The Academy believes the first few years of a child’s life are by far the most important, helping to lay the foundation for all intellectual and emotional development.  We strive to provide a nurturing environment which gives individualized attention. We take great care to provide a warm, friendly, and fun environment for your child, while ensuring they receive the guidance and structure they need.  The Academy believes a child learns best by being actively engaged with their environment.  They do this through observation and exploration with objects and people in their environment.  Our professional teaching staff will guide the children with age appropriate activities in the centers and help facilitate their learning by asking open ended questions to gage the child’s understanding and to challenge the children as well.  Our approach is a problem-solving one that allows the child to learn through centers that are age appropriate for each classroom. These centers are child-oriented and encourage the child to learn with a hands-on approach.  We also include play into our curriculum to help children make connections to their outside world.  Play is a very important part of each child’s growth and development.  Through play children learn to: build confidence, feel loved, be happy and safe, develop social/ language/communication skills, learn about caring for others and the environment, develop physical skills, connect and refine pathways to their brain, and are able to express their feelings and emotions. Each child is a unique individual and we will encourage the developmental growth of their individual personality by encouraging individuality and giving positive praise and encouragement. Each child is also a member of God’s family and we will strive to allow for their spiritual growth.  We develop their spiritual growth by listening to age appropriate stories from the bible, learning simple prayers, and teaching life values.  We are committed to building a strong relationship with each family through communication and respect.  This relationship will help to ensure the best start to your child’s life.  We look forward to being a part of your life for the years to come.

Through the interactions of parents, teacher, and child; our staff create lessons that are guided by the 5 domains of WMELS-Wisconsin Model Early Learning Standards, which is aligned with our State Licensing Education Standards.

Health and physical development
Social and emotional development
Language development and communication
Approaches to learning
Cognition and general knowledge
Recognition of God and our membership in His Community

It is the policy of Faith Academy that this ministry shall not discriminate based on race, color, or national or ethnic origin in access to its programs, services, staff, and volunteers. Faith Academy is licensed by the Department of Human Services in the state of Wisconsin. This assures families that high standards have been met in the areas of space, equipment, and teacher-child ratios.

As an extension of the Faith Community Church, families are welcome to participate in all church ministries and worship, seek assistance and support with any type of need, and have access to pastoral support from the church’s pastor at any time and for any occasion.  His door is always open to the family and friends of Faith Academy.  The Church’s Pastor is Rev. Stu Merkel and he can be reached at 414-433-0222 or Pastor@faithcc.us.