Welcome From Our Pastor

Welcome to Faith Academy,

Faith Community Church envisioned this Child Development Center to be a family-friendly environment that would care for children to the highest of standards and that would also be a place to inspire children to know Jesus and love God as they start out in life. From everything I observe on a daily basis, we are doing a very good job at accomplishing our mission goal for Faith Academy.

At Faith Academy, we truly embrace the whole family when a child is in our midst. While our primary role is to care for the children we extend our reach to the whole family. Because my office is just a few steps from the Academy front door, I am lucky to know many of the children and families who attend the school.

Speaking as the pastor of our church, Faith Community Church will strive to do our best to insure that children are loved and cared for while in our capable hands at Faith Academy. Our church is deeply committed to making sure every effort is made to provide a safe and caring environment everyday of the week. In addition, you can also count on our church because while most of our lay people have little to do daily with Faith Academy, they do regularly pray for everyone: children, teachers, and families. We just feel it’s our duty to ask God to “show up” at Faith Academy daily in any way he can.

I tell people all the time that Faith Academy is our little mission to the world. Faith Academy is a wonderful place for children and a fabulous place for them to start their social, educational, and spiritual life in the presence of God. Stop in anytime to say hello, I look forward to meeting you.


Pastor Stu Merkel