Amanda G.

Our girls have never been in a daycare setting until Faith Academy. They have been there nearly a year now, and I can not iterate how much they absolutely love going. Our 4 year old, Alexis, has learned so much in the preschool classroom, and I only expect her knowledge to grow in 4K with Ms. Mary.  Olivia, now 1 year old, has been there since she was 12 weeks old. I felt confident since day 1 with all of the teachers in the infant/toddler room. While I love every teacher taking care of the babies, I can not go without mentioning how amazing Ms. Charella and Ms. Ivory are. Not only do they welcome Olivia in every morning with big, open arms that are full of love, but Olivia reaches out for them right away! Never once has she cried when I left! If you are looking for loving, honest, dependable care for your children, please look no further. Faith Academy has it all!