COVID Procedures for Tours:

During this time, Faith Academy will conduct tours but we will only schedule them for 5:00 p.m. or later when there are less children here.

Upon entering, you must use hand sanitizer, have your temperature taken, wear a mask, and some classrooms will require you to wear shoe booties, which we provide.

Please try to limit the number of people on the tour to one to two healthy adults.

COVID Procedures for Current Families:

1)  Please communicate to Jenny or Ebony if you or your child have been exposed to COVID, are being tested, or if you are told to be quarantined. Your child will not be allowed to attend if they are told to be quarantined by the school district, their doctor, or the health department.

2)  Parents and children 4 and older must wear masks upon entering the building and then use hand sanitizer. Children will also have their temperature taken upon entering. Any person with a temperature that is 100.4 or higher, or showing any of the symptoms of COVID, will be sent home immediately. Children will take off their masks for eating, sleeping, and outdoor play.

3)  Children will be monitored throughout the day for possible signs of COVID. If any of the symptoms are seen, your child will be sent home immediately. Please talk to management about when your child can return. In many cases, we are requiring you to reach out to your child’s pediatrician for their consent to return.

4)  Non-essential persons are asked not to enter the building. This means, no siblings, etc. Please limit drop-offs and pick-ups to just one healthy adult.

5)  If you have done any traveling lately, please let Jenny or Ebony know.

6)  During this time, if you would like to talk to one of the teachers, please let us know.