School Age

School age children are seeking their identity, as their focus turns from parents to peers. They are looking for outlets in meaningful activities – no longer interested in “just doing” things. They like to be independent and have unstructured time and they need to have a sense of belonging to a group.

The School Age curriculum for children ages 6 through 12 in the before- and after-school program, as well as the summer program, will provide opportunities for students to interact with each other as they participate in activities that challenge their creativity and provide a social and recreational outlet. The curriculum is structured in a weekly activity format with many more suggested activities during the summer camp months. It encourages teachers to give students many choices as they help with and lead projects that have meaning for them. Each week includes ideas for special projects, Bible focus, creative arts, board games, “The Chill Zone,” homework/educational enrichment, and outdoor and group activities.