Two Year Olds (Egypt and Israel)

The two-year-old starts to “really put it all together” and is becoming much more acclimated to socialization requirements and their behavior is easier to predict. They enjoy role-playing, creativity, follow two-step directions, have an increased independence, and of course begin potty training. We will work with the parents and child individually for potty training when the child begins to show signs that they are ready, i.e., staying dry for at least two hours, can tell you when they are wet or soiled and will sit on the toilet.

The two-year-old curriculum follows a daily activity format that matches the learning environment for the age. It offers activities for both group time and learning areas and teachers will offer an abundance of ideas to enrich the learning centers in their classroom. The activities meet learning objectives that help children move toward their potential as they explore the materials and activities in the classroom.

The twos will have opportunities to participate in morning group, Bible time, large and small group activities, story time and language development, arts and crafts, science and sensory centers, math/manipulative activities, dramatic play, music and movement and transportation and block center.