Tricia W.

Faith Academy is an excellent daycare! This past year I became a first time mom to a baby and decided to go back to work. Having been a teacher for eleven years and a foster parent for two years to older kids I had seen many different schools and childcare along the way, so I knew what I was looking for in a daycare for my baby. I searched all over the southern Milwaukee area and I decided with my research Faith Academy seemed to be the best fit for my new baby. I was nervous the first day like any mom would be and I knew it would be hard to please me because I am so structured and routined, since I had been a teacher for so long . Honestly, after the first week I was so happy. It’s been months later and my baby Jax and us love Faith Academy. They take the time to know us all on a personal level and if I ever have a question or need something they respond to me right away. They have kept my baby on the schedule that I have set for him. When we pick our baby up we know the exact times when he has ate, napped, and been changed all day! We love the staff who take care of Jax. Ebony who is the assistant director goes out of her way daily to make sure Jax and mama are happy!! Charella, Genean, Ivory and Lisa take such good care of Jax . We have learned a lot of tips as parents from the staff which has helped Jax progress and reach his milestones. I would highly recommend Faith Academy to any parent who is looking for a wonderful and affordable day care.